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Chevrolet has thrown its weight behind an initiative aimed at helping vulnerable children around the world.
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Chevrolet joins charity for 'Wheels for Kids' launch

Chevrolet joins charity for 'Wheels for Kids' launch

Chevrolet has announced that it is to give 100 cars away to charity as part of its centenary year celebrations.

The manufacturer has teamed up with international children's charity SOS Children to launch the Wheels for Kids initiative.

As part of plans aimed at increasing the mobility of vunerable children across the globe, Chevrolet will part company with 100 of its popular models in Europe, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Lesotho and Israeli.

Wayne Brannon, President of Chevrolet Europe, commented: "Providing cars is the most natural way for us as a car manufacturer to help SOS Children. We hope that the vehicles can improve the daily lives of the kids and their caretakers.

"We are proud to support an independent organisation of the scope, dedication and commitment that SOS Children is demonstrating in both their daily work and their disaster relief programmes."

The news comes shortly after the firm announced that the coming year will see the popular Chevrolet Aveo morphed into a sports utility vehicle.

Posted by Louise Clark