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Citroen has announced that it will be fitting a telematics insurance 'black box' to its C1 Connexion special edition city car as standard.
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Citroen to offer motorists 'black box' insurance solution

Citroen to offer motorists 'black box' insurance solution

French car giant Citroen has become the first manufacturer to fit a telematics insurance 'black box' system to its vehicles as standard.

The technology will be introduced to the public when it is installed onto the Citroen C1 Connexion special edition city car.

With the system in place, the vehicle is effectively capable of monitoring how a motorist drives, with insurance companies then able to adjust their premiums accordingly to the figures recorded.

Up until now, telematics technology has only been made available in the motoring industry as a retrofit item offered by a select few insurance firms.

However, Citroen has raised the bar by teaming up with Trafficmaster to supply every one of its new cars with a Smartnav system as standard.

According to the French car brand, the introduction of the technology should see motorists who constantly display good driving habits rewarded with lower insurance premiums over the next few years. These benefits would be offered regardless of a driver's age.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg