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Creative advertising by SKODA to launch its new Superb

Creative advertising by SKODA to launch its new Superb

SKODA has revealed an innovative new campaign in conjunction with the launch its new Superb.

Named the 'Travel in Style. Travel in Space' campaign, it will celebrate the Superb as a clever solution for drivers, offering both style in the form of the dynamic exterior and space in it's roomy interior.

The 40-second ad focuses on a little boy dressed as an astronaut travelling home from a party with his family, and his journey inside the SKODA Superb makes him feel like he's inside a spaceship.

The ad will hit TV on the 20th September to coincide with the Wales Vs. Uruguay Rugby World Cup match. A teaser video will be launched two days earlier, showing the new Superb appearing to land on the moon, before panning out to reveal a miniature set complete with replica model of the new Superb.

Andrew Cullis, Head of Marketing, SKODA UK commented: "It's a very exciting time for the brand: the launch of the new Superb is a great opportunity for us to show  through a large variety of media channels  the class leading combination of style and substance that our cars offer."