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Up close and personal with the Skoda Superb Estate

Up close and personal with the Skoda Superb Estate

The Superb Estate is a revised version of Skoda's largest vehicle. Thanks to a good selection of engines, as well as impressive interior space, the Superb Estate is aimed at those who want to transport a big family and all of their luggage. We'll take a look at the SE L Executive model.

This particular Superb is powered by a 2.0-litre engine producing 147bhp. The fuel consumption is impressive returning a combined figure of 67.3mpg.

The power-train is refined at motorway speeds, making it a pleasant way to cover ground. The engine performs well, pulling strongly in each gear, whilst the brakes deal competently despite the car's size.

The Superb handles, too  being keen and responsive through bends. It is most at home on the motorway, though, cruising at higher speeds with very little wind or tyre noise. For instance, a short 260-mile stint from Portsmouth to Cardiff and back was dealt with easily.

Furthermore, the ride is exemplary, proving comfortable on motorways whilst supportive in the corners.

The interior of the car is a very pleasant place to be, and is a definite sign of intent from Skoda. The quality of materials is excellent, and there are no rattles or squeaks at all.

The Bi-Xenon headlights are fantastic at night, illuminating a massive area in front of the car. It's rare that headlights make an impression, but they really do in the Superb.

With a good quality interior and excellent on-road characteristics, the Superb is an impressive package. It's difficult to envisage how the Superb could be a more competitive package. It is without doubt a car which rivals those offered by some of the biggest names in the industry.

by: Oliver Harry