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The first metaverse-designed concept car made its debut in Munich last month.
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CUPRA Unveil DarkRebel Concept Car

CUPRA Unveil DarkRebel Concept Car

  • The DarkRebel was designed by 270,000 contributors in the metaverse
  • CUPRA unveiled the physical concept in Munich in September
  • The model is the Spanish brand’s most powerful car


CUPRA has given a glimpse into the future of the brand with the DarkRebel concept car. The model was unveiled last month at the Volkswagen Group Night IAA in Munich.

The design of the 100% electric sports car was born in CUPRA’s metaverse platform – Metahype.

Metahype is a virtual island where brands, creators and communities can socialise and collaborate.

Contributors also known as the ‘CUPRA Tribe’ created the design of the DarkRebel in the Metahype virtual space. Notable members of the CURPA Tribe include FC Barcelona players Alexia Putellas, Marc ter Stegen, Ansu Fatu, and actor Daniel Bruhl.

The DarkRebel is the result of 270,000 CUPRA configurations and pushes the boundaries of CUPRA design.


CUPRA DarkRebel – Design

At first glance, the exterior design of CUPRA DarkRebel is unlike anything they’ve ever produced before.

The star of the vehicle’s front end is a new lighting concept based on the CUPRA logo where lighting is split into three triangles.

Sharp lines and a long bonnet enhance the sporty aesthetics of the DarkRebel. The exterior measures 4.5 metres in length, 2.2 metres in width, and 1.3 metres in height.

Prepare to seriously turn heads when the doors open upwards to a height of 2.2. metres.

The violet tones of the liquid body colour change when light reflects on the body to live up to its DarkRebel name.


CUPRA DarkRebel – Interior

Step inside the CUPRA DarkRebel and you’ll find yourself immersed in a radical environment.

A sculptural central spine is the main element of the cabin which is created using the latest 3D printing technology.

Supersport bucket seats are upholstered in 3D knitting fabric with headrests made from glass and copper inserts. The geometric steering wheel takes inspiration from the world of racing and gaming.

The gear shifter is another focal point of the cabin, made from illuminating glass.

Performance is not only reflected in the design of the sports car but also in the technology used throughout.

A roof mounted thermal camera monitors the temperature of the cabin. While intelligent climate control regulates the temperature and airflow.

Ambient backlighting then reflects whether the temperature in the cabin is heating up or cooling down.


CUPRA DarkRebel - Interior


CUPRA DarkRebel – Performance

The CUPRA DarkRebel is the Spanish brand's most powerful show car ever made. You can expect to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than four seconds with over 450 hp.


Can’t stop thinking about CUPRA?

While the CUPRA DarkRebel is still purely a concept car, it’s exciting to see what direction the brand is heading in the future.

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