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Electric Vehicles and Government Grants

19/09/2018 16:32

Electric Vehicles and Government Grants Electric Vehicles and Government Grants

There has been an increase in conversation ever since the Government released its plans to have 50% of new cars sold in the ultra-low carbon emissions category by 2030, in a bid to help control emissions and damage to the environment.

Electric cars are edging ever closer to the spotlight and with an expanding range to choose from, it looks like manufacturers are embracing this re-emerging branch of the industry. 

With that being said, electric cars are still considered to be expensive to buy so the Government has been offering Grants toward the cost of eligible vehicles, to help people with the initial purchase. There are three different categories for cars relating to emissions, plus categories for motorcycles, mopeds, vans and certain taxis. 

How much can you get?

Well, that depends on what kind of vehicle you want, and which category it falls in. The fewer emissions, the more money you'll get towards your new car!

For full details on categories and vehicles, click here 

How do I claim for the grant?

The plug-in car grant, which applies to electric cars and hybrids, is deducted from the price of the vehicle at the point of sale by the dealership. You don't need to complete any paperwork or make any phonecalls. As easy as that!


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Update - since the writing of this blog, there has been changes to the government grants. Click here to find out whats changed!


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