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The "stunning" Fiat 500CbyGucci will be starring in an original tour stopping at some of the most famous cities in Europe.
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Fiat 500CbyGucci comes to Europe

Fiat 500CbyGucci comes to Europe

Drivers who were excited by the news of the new Fiat 500CbyGucci will be able to see the stylish city car on display in London this weekend.

The Italian firm has announced that due to the "remarkable" amount of interest the model has generated, it is set to star in an original tour of some of Europe's most famous cities.

Those interested in taking a closer look at the model before deciding to make a purchase will be able to see the fashion-inspired run-around in Covent Garden from October 16th to 19th.

Customised by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, the new model boasts all the stylish touches of the original, but also carries the ultimate in driving style - a soft top roof.

"As well as the car there will be a display of a selection of pieces from the Fiat 500byGucci collection, including travel accessories, small leather goods, driving gloves, eyewear and a watch," the firm explained.

"The London leg of the exhibition is part of a travelling tour showcasing the new Fiat 500CbyGucci which includes stops in Saint Tropez, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Rome and Geneva."

Posted by Louise Clark