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Almost half of people in the UK would buy a self-driving car.
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Figures reveal 44 per cent would buy an autonomous car

Figures reveal 44 per cent would buy an autonomous car

Almost half of UK motorists would put their faith in computer technology to drive them around town, figures out today reveal.

One in four UK adults would consider buying a self-driving car in the future, and the average price they would pay is £19,000, with a quarter of those surveyed willing to pay £30,000 or more for a self-driving car.

A total of 2,006 adults were quizzed for Churchill Car Insurance, and of those willing to buy a driverless car, 32 per cent said they would do so because it would mean more free time while travelling and 24 per cent would because they believe that everyone will have to have one in the future.

One in seven said they'd consider buying a driverless car because they didn't like driving.

A large proportion of those asked believed there would be benefits to the planet and their pockets. Forty-two per cent of people think that carbon emissions will drop, with 41 per cent reckoning that fuel consumption will decrease. However, almost a third believe that both commuting times and breakdowns will increase, with only 17 per cent and 12 per cent, respectively, believing there will be a decrease.

A quarter of those polled believe that autonomous vehicles won't be safe.

Malfunction was the biggest fear, with 60 per cent of people worried that the computer may be unreliable. More than half were worried about the lack of human control over the vehicle, while a third of those quizzed feared cyber security issues such as hacking. Only eight per cent had no fears about self-driving cars.

by: Danielle Bagnall