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A new study has shown that 33 per cent of UK drivers admit to having read texts behind the wheel.
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Ford introduces speak to text technology

Ford introduces speak to text technology

Ford has revealed new technology aimed at reducing the number of text-related car accidents.

According to a new study commissioned by the Blue Oval, one-third of UK drivers admit to reading texts while behind the wheel.

As such Ford has revealed its SYNC in-car connectivity system, which reads aloud incoming messages, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Christof Kellerwessel, chief engineer of electronic and electrical systems engineering at Ford of Europe, said: "Smartphones have quickly become an essential part of many people's day.

"However, text messages can be a distraction for drivers, so the benefit of a system that can read messages aloud from compatible smartphones is obvious."

The technology is likely to prove a hit with drivers after 95 per cent of those asked said that texting affects driver ability and safety.

Indeed, at least half of those questioned said that driver responses are 50 per cent slower when checking messages from a mobile phone.

Posted by Craig Salter