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Ford is voted as the UK's most trusted car brand

Ford is voted as the UK's most trusted car brand

Ford is the most trusted motor manufacturer in Britain, according to the results of a new survey.

Having been conducted by research firm Future Thinking, the survey questioned 2,735 respondents in the UK, asking which of the 29 top car brands they trusted most.

The results showed that 29 per cent of voters deemed Ford the most trustworthy. To put this in perspective, only two other manufacturers scored over 20 per cent.

Trust in the Ford brand rose to 30 per cent among those aged 55 and over, which is seven points ahead of the second favourite company.

Lisa Bedwell, Future Thinking's senior director, said: "Ford's car sales success is reflected in the company being most trusted brand."

Jim Farley, Ford of Europe chairman and chief executive officer, said: "There is nothing more valuable to Ford than our reputation for operating ethically and legally. It's the bedrock of our company and one of the reasons why we have been in business successfully since 1903."