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The current line-up of Ford vehicles includes a number of class leaders in this year's MPG Marathon.
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Ford leads the way in MPG race

Ford leads the way in MPG race

UK drivers considering the green credentials of a new car and mindful of value for money when at the petrol station could be tempted by the new Ford Focus following a recent fuel efficiency event.

The MPG Marathon in Gloucestershire saw the Ford Focus Zetec 125PS increase its already-impressive miles per gallon (MPG) readings.

Published figures state that the model, which is powered by a UK-built 1.6-litre engine, returns 47.9 MPG.

However, after being put to the test by rally stars Andy Dawson and Andrew Marriott, the Focus achieved a MPG ration of 56.3 miles - an increase of 17.6 per cent.

"Smart driving by Dawson and Marriott, anticipating the road ahead, accelerating smoothly and changing gear correctly, squeezed an extra 8.4 miles out of every gallon used on the marathon," Ford explained.

Mark Ovenden, managing director of Ford Britain, added: "Fuel efficiency, CO2 and other green credentials have become the new 'why buys' steering vehicle choice. Ford's success at these MPG marathon events show that the blue oval is the best in class."

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg