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Having sold 1,234 models alone, it was a record year for the Ford Ranger, giving it the title of best-selling pick-up of 2022.
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Ford Ranger Named Best-Selling Pick-up of 2022

Ford Ranger Named Best-Selling Pick-up of 2022

Having sold 1,234 models alone, it was a record year for the Ford Ranger, giving it the title of best-selling pick-up of 2022.

The Ford Ranger was named the best-selling pick-up truck last year, with total year-to-date sales now sitting at 16,827.

Clearly there are thousands of motorists enjoying this robust, reliable pick-up truck. Let’s take a look at some of the top features it has to offer.

Functional, dynamic design

From a single look at the Ford Ranger, you can tell it is a capable pick-up truck built to handle anything.

With a maximum gross payload of 1,252kg and a maximum towing capacity of 2,500kg, this pick-up is well-prepared for whatever the journey demands – whether it’s transporting heavier goods or towing a trailer.

Placing complete flexibility in your hands, this makes those longer journeys even easier giving you a safe, secure way to store and transport your goods.

Not neglecting style and convenience, you are free to design your own perfect set-up with the Ford Ranger thanks to a range of body styling options depending on your needs.

This includes the Regular Cab featuring a stripped back and tough build, with rear seats removed giving you an extended load bed. There is also the Super Cab which offers a second row of seats for carrying two additional passengers, and Double Cab with a similar set-up, yet a distinctly premium feel.

Although focussed on practicality, you can still reflect a touch of style with the Ford Ranger through a selection of eye-catching body colours including Frozen White, Race Red, Moondust Silver, Diffused Silver, Sea Grey, Blue Lightning, and Agate Black.

Easy does it

Another thing that makes the Ford Ranger so popular is its easy handling despite the fact that it’s a larger pick-up truck.

Driving will be smooth, and enjoyable thanks to a host of driver assistance features to make things easier, including Trailer Sway Control which actively monitors your trailer to correct any snaking or swaying by reducing your speed.

The Ford Ranger also has a higher ground clearance and wading depth of up to 800mm, meaning it is built for tackling more challenging terrains, including those with more surface water.

A range of high-performance engines also gives the Ford Ranger a truly effortless, enjoyable driving experience. These include 2.0-litre diesel EcoBlue engines with three powertrains available, giving you up to 213PS and 500Nm torque available.

Combined with 10-speed automatic transmission, this gives you the perfect balance between powerful precision and smooth handling – for a drive that is sure to impress.

Real-time adaptive shift scheduling technology also means that you’ll always be in the right place at the right time when it comes to gears.

Intuitively responding to the conditions of the road, the Ford Ranger will carefully control transmission to make sure that it’s smooth sailing all the way – whether it’s on a normal motorway or on rougher terrains.

If that wasn’t enough, the Ford Ranger also offers all-wheel drive availability so you can tailor your drive according to your preferences, and the demands of the road. This means you can switch easily from two-wheel to four-wheel drive whenever needed.

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