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Ford MyKey allows parents to select specific settings for when their teenagers are behind the wheel.
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Ford's MyKey: Driving by your rules

Ford's MyKey: Driving by your rules

Ford has created a brand new technological feature to benefit drivers who are used to hearing their teenage children ask to take the car for a spin. 

It is intended to increase safety in the vehicle and to ensure that youngsters are treating the car, and other road users, with respect when out on the roads. 

MyKey technology allows owners of the new Fiesta to create specific settings for individual drivers. For example, if a teenage son or daughter gets in the driving seat, MyKey will limit the top speed of the vehicle in addition to a number of other unique limits. 

This technology will also soon be available in the latest Focus range, with Ford sure to make MyKey available in other future models. 

Not only does the technology keep young drivers safe, it also offers peace of mind for parents that their children are as safe as possible when out and about. 

Parents are able to limit the top speed to 80mph in the car, ensuring their teens will not take part in any late-night drag racing!

Furthermore, a speed alert chime is sounded at 45, 55 and 65mph, to ensure teenagers are mindful of their speed.

In-car distractions are a major cause of accidents on the UK's roads, especially among younger drivers. To try and limit this, parents are also able to limit the maximum volume of the audio system to 44 per cent. 

This means that not only will drivers be able to give more attention to the road, it will also ensure that local residents are not disturbed by loud music if the youngsters return late at night. 

While it's no doubt a warning you've issued to your children throughout their life, when they get behind the wheel, they might neglect their seatbelt. This is also the case for the other passengers in the car. 

The Persistent Ford Belt-Minder sounds chimes when the seatbelts are not in use and mutes the radio to remind the driver and passengers to belt-up. This is emphasised by a display message on the instrument panel, stating: “Buckle Up to Unmute Radio”. 

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