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Renault Twingo turns 20 this year.
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Happy anniversary Renault Twingo!

Happy anniversary Renault Twingo!

Renault is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Twingo model this year. The manufacturer was proud to release the model in 1993, which boasted bold design, an innovative concept and a playful demeanour.

Yves Dubreil, Renault's project director, was asked to come up with a small, compact, practical car in 1989 in order to complement the existing Clio. From here, the Twingo's conception began under the "design to cost" philosophy, delivering an excellent drive at an affordable price. 

Originally, the model was available as in just a 1.2-litre, 55hp engine, and with one interior trim level. Featuring a monobox architecture, the car delivered an excellent distribution of space, making it bigger on the inside. 

When it launched, the car was the top of its class for the small city car segment for its spaciousness, with a sliding rear seat also helping to achieve this. 

The car also allowed users to fold the four seats down flat to form a double bed - something that highlights how versatile the model is. 

The last original Twingo was constructed in 2007, following European sales amounting to 2,075,300 units. However, drivers can now pick up a Twingo II, featuring a 1.2-litre, 60hp engine.

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