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Will new technologies take the fun out of driving?
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Has Ford launched the first crash-proof car?

Has Ford launched the first crash-proof car?

Vehicle technology has come a long way in recent years and Ford has been at the forefront of driving new innovations and its latest announcement could see the first crash-proof vehicles make it onto the roads.

The company has also revealed a prototype that combines automatic steering and braking to ensure drivers avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians.

Ford's Obstacle Avoidance technology was showcased in a Focus and it features warnings if it detects slow-moving objects, stationary obstacles or pedestrians in the lane ahead.

Should a motorists fail to steer or brake following the warnings, the system automatically steers and brakes to avoid a collision.

The launch of the prototype, which could be available in showrooms in just five years, begs the question where technology will go in the future, and how far cars will eventually be able to assist a person behind the wheel in the future.

So how does it work? The system uses three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera to 'scan' the road up to 200 yards ahead.

It has been tested at speeds of up to 38 mph after research revealed that fewer than a third of drivers about to hit the car in front of them try to steer out of the way ahead of the impact.

As well as technology capable of ensuring a car avoids obstacles, Ford also revealed a new parking aid system that parks a vehicle with the push of a button, assisting drivers even more.

The next-generation technology can even be operated from outside the car by remote control, taking over the steering, gear selection and forward and reverse motion of the vehicle to fit it into a spot without damage.

Barb Samardzich, Ford’s European product development vice president, said: "The future for Ford means developing innovative products and technologies – including Fully Assisted Parking Aid and Obstacle Avoidance – that help deliver a safer, more convenient, more desirable, more personalised and greener driving and ownership experience."

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