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Honda has been named the most reliable car brand in a top ten featuring eight Japanese marques.
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Honda, Hyundai, Mazda and Nissan among most reliable brands

Honda, Hyundai, Mazda and Nissan among most reliable brands

Japanese car giant Honda has cemented its reputation for quality manufacturing after being named the most reliable used car brand in the annual What Car? and Warranty Direct reliability survey.

It is the seventh year in a row that the carmaker has landed the title and shows that used car deals for the brand's many models represent good value for money for drivers.

The survey also showed that Japan is now the king of reliability with eight of the top ten carmakers hailing from the country.

Indeed, while Honda was the top brand, Suzuki, Mazda and Nissan also featured in the top ten, as did South Korean firm Hyundai.

Honda was the clear leader, with the next best car firm offering a rate of 17 per cent over 47,000 miles.

Dave Hodgetts, managing director at Honda UK, welcomed the honour and said it is a testament to the hard work of those involved in the making of its cars.

"The reliability of our cars is a key focus for Honda as we strive to make every second of Honda ownership an enjoyable experience," he commented.

"This doesn't just start at the manufacturing stage, but is intrinsic throughout the research & development and during the parts procurement process, this focus ensures that we build reliable and high quality cars."

What Car?'s editor in chief, Chas Hallett, added that reliability is vital when opting for a used car and as such said Honda is popular choice with motorists.

"Reliability is so important to motorists, especially when times are tough. Japanese car makers really do deliver on reliability and Honda is exceptionally good at this," he explained.

"What will be surprising to many is the fact that several of the more desirable brands did not fare so well regarding reliability, and the cost of their repairs are high. They need to do better."

Posted by Craig Salter