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Ford has revealed its pride at having the Focus ST used in a forthcoming film.
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'Hugely exciting' Focus perfect for The Sweeney, says Ford

'Hugely exciting' Focus perfect for The Sweeney, says Ford

Ford has revealed its excitement that the new Focus ST has been chosen as the car for the movie version of hit TV series The Sweeney.

Anthony Ireson, the firm's marketing director, has backed the car to deliver the thrills expected of moviegoers and indeed those who end up behind the wheel themselves.

"The new Focus ST is a hugely exciting car for Ford with terrific dynamic credibility. It will be a car for real driving enthusiasts, so Regan and Carter won't be disappointed," he commented.

It comes as the Ford Focus ST was confirmed as a co-star for actors Ray Winstone and Ben Drew.

Director Nick Love, who has a string of popular Brit flicks to his name, also described the Focus ST as the "perfect" car for the role and said he will be looking to acquire one of the new models.

"It was important for me to collaborate with Ford on The Sweeney as its legacy with the original TV show is so strong - they're the perfect partner. I like the Ford Focus ST so much, I want one," he added.

Posted by Craig Salter