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The fete was fully powered by Hyundai’s Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) feature, giving power to entertainment, and more.
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Hyundai Hosts World's First Car Powered Fete at Chettle

Hyundai Hosts World's First Car Powered Fete at Chettle

  • The World’s First Car Powered Fete was arranged by Hyundai
  • A TV chef, Matt Tebbutt, hosted the event and judged a three-egg omelette competition
  • Chettle was chosen as the location for the event due to its commitment to sustainability
  • According to recent research, over 50% of the people living here have made environmentally friendly changes.


Hyundai organised the World’s First Car Powered Fete at the village of Chettle.

The event aimed to engage with the village community and highlight the versatility of electric vehicles. Using Hyundai’s Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) feature, the fete was using electricity from electric vehicles. This demonstrates how EVs can be used as a power source everywhere.

Another aim of the event was to showcase what a village fete of the future might look like. This one boasted a range of local companies, including food stalls Baboo Gelato and Cranborne Chase Cider. Meanwhile, a loop guitarist John Clapper was responsible for music. There were also various fair games from Helter Skelter, a light display and an IONIQ 6 buzzer game.

The fete was hosted by a TV chef and presenter Matt Tebbutt, who judged the three-egg omelette challenge. He also talked about the importance of buying local, seasonal and organic produce.


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Matt Tebbutt said:

“One of my favourite things about living in the countryside is the variety of weird and wonderful village fetes you see. This event captured all the best bits about living rurally; seasonal produce, community spirit and a passion for protecting the planet.”

“It’s amazing that Hyundai has chosen to focus their innovation on a true gem of British culture and I’m really excited to be a part of it. Not to mention I’m incredibly impressed that a fete can be run off electric cars!”


Hyundai Fete For the Future Event


Village of Chettle

The village of Chettle was chosen as the location for the first fete due to its passion for sustainability. They also have a 40-year-old vision that focuses on restoration and local produce.

The community is committed to reducing packaging in their village store. They also make sure to reuse or buy second-hand over 80% of the kit used for the store development. Plus, over 50% of the timber roof and shelves inside the shop have been harvested from the estate and milled on-site.


Josh Duhrigg, Manager of Chettle Village Store, also commented:

"We're very excited to be hosting the World’s First Car Powered Fete. We think it’s a great opportunity for the local community to come together and enjoy delicious local food and entertainment, all powered by Hyundai's Vehicle to Load technology".


Fete For Future in Village of Chettle
Fete For Future in Village of Chettle


Study on Sustainability

According to research, 60% of rural residents have made more sustainable choices within the last year. Small, yet effective acts include buying a refillable water bottle and trying to spend less time in the shower.

Overall, 57% of the people both in cities and the countryside have made better environmental choices. However, some barriers make this difficult, including:

  • Lack of public transport
  • Cost of sustainable choices
  • Less green space
  • Rush


One in five people, 20% of the people who have moved to the country have decided to do so to embrace a quieter atmosphere and cleaner air. Despite difficulties, reducing food waste, using bags for life and turning off lights are small things people have done.


Hyundai electric vehicle charging


President of Hyundai Motor UK, Ashley Andrew, said:

“We’re committed to using technology and innovation to progress humanity and our Village-2-Life concept has been inspired by our product’s unique ability to bring power to unexpected places.”

“We chose Chettle as the village aligns strongly with our own brand ethos, and we were impressed by the small community’s focus on safeguarding its beautiful landscape for the future as well as acting in a more environmentally responsible way.”

“We hope that the event inspires the broader community to think creatively about what they can do in their own lives to live better for the future. As we move forward to a net zero future, we know that EVs offer many benefits and consumer education remains an important part of that journey.”


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