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Hyundai has previewed its Connectivity Concept technology, which could see car keys replaced with a driver's smartphone.
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Hyundai looks to replace car keys with smartphones

Hyundai looks to replace car keys with smartphones

Hyundai has shown off its Connectivity Concept technology, which effectively allows drivers to use their smartphones in the same way they would handle their car keys.

The strategy, which was previewed at the South Korean vehicle manufacturer's European base in Germany, provides motorists with a new way of accessing a vehicle.

With the assistance of wireless Near Field Technology, drivers will be able to lock and unlock a Hyundai car simply by waving their smartphone over a tag found on the vehicle's side window.

As if this was not enough, motorists will then be able to attach their mobile device to the car's centre console once in the driver's seat.

With the use of the Connectivity Concept technology, content can then be synced from the smartphone to the car seamlessly, which is then displayed on a stylish seven-inch dashboard touchscreen.

Allan Rushford, Hyundai's senior vice president, stated that the technology effectively enables people to "harness the all-in-one functionality of existing smartphone technology and integrate it into everyday driving in a seamless fashion".

The Connectivity Concept strategy is set to be introduced to production models of Hyundai vehicles from 2015.

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