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The vehicle is proving popular in the commercial transport industry.
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Iveco New Daily achieves 11,000 European orders

Iveco New Daily achieves 11,000 European orders

Orders for the Iveco New Daily light commercial vehicle have topped 11,000 in Europe alone, the manufacturer has announced. 

Proving to be one of the most popular vehicles in the commercial transport industry, the New Daily has been particularly well-received in the chassis cab segment.

According to Iveco, the vehicle achieves efficient fuel consumption and produces lower carbon dioxide emissions than its counterparts operating in the light goods and passenger transport sectors.

Indeed, the vehicle is particularly suited to urban transport as well as being adaptable to off-road use thanks to its strength and high performance.

The news of strong sales of the New Daily come as Iveco has been given a Best Brand Association accolade by the European jury of Warner Bros. New Daily vehicles sport the Superman logo, owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros and the jury has approved its licence to use the iconic symbol in Europe.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg