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London to Brighton Veteran car run to stop at Crawley High Street once again

London to Brighton Veteran car run to stop at Crawley High Street once again

The Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran car run is to yet again make a stop off at Crawley High Street, allowing car enthusiasts to marvel at the vintage vehicles.

The Rally, of which Vauxhall is a Manufacturer Patron, will take place on Sunday 1st November and will feature over 500 pre-1905 vehicles, including a 1904 6hp single-cylinder two-seater Vauxhall which belongs to the British car maker.

After scrapping the mid-run break in favour of a stop at a garage last year, would-be spectators were disappointed to find that there was no vantage point to enjoy the classic cars from.

However, the stop at the workshop proved incredibly popular with drivers taking part in the run, giving them a chance to get out of the rainy, wet weather whilst their vehicles were given running repairs.

As a compromise, the organisers have announced that whilst the vehicles will have a 'halfway halt' at a garage for work to be carried out, the official mid-way checkpoint of the 60-mile route will take place at Crawley High Street.

Clerk of the Course Neil Carr-Jones justified the need for a stop at a fully equipped garage: "Every November these veterans are one year older and almost all need some sort of fettling between Hyde Park and Madeira Drive."

He continued: "Last year they then continued straight to Brighton, missing out the traditional trip down Crawley High Street, which disappointed a number of hardy spectators. This year we are addressing that by re-routing the Run through the High Street, giving spectators the perfect opportunity to marvel at these incredible machines, take photos and converse with the veteran car drivers and their passengers, many in period costume."

by: Laura Thomson