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Majority of Brits would opt for an alternative fuel car

Majority of Brits would opt for an alternative fuel car

Research out today shows that most Brits would consider buying an alternative fuel car in the next two years.

Of the 2025 British adults polled, 65 per cent of responses indicated that they would consider at least one of the most common forms of alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), such as a hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle.

However, according to the survey, it was a non-rechargeable hybrids which surfaced as the most popular choice, despite these types of cars not being eligible perks such as Congestion Charge exemption or the Plug-in Car Grant.

Regardless, more people selected hybrids than any other AFV with 19 per cent of responses indicating they would consider one of these vehicles within the next two years.

LPG powered cars and plug-in hybrids were second most popular cars on the list with these types of vehicle representing 12 per cent of responses each.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars attracted as much interest as fully electric cars, with 11 per cent of responses each, despite the fact that there are as yet no commercially available hydrogen-powered cars in the UK.

There were regional differences; fully electric cars were much more warmly received in the North East where 18 per cent of responses indicated an interest in EVs. This possibly relates to the North East becoming one of the first parts of the country to be a 'Plugged in Place', with an early network of public chargers established.

Younger generations were found to be more positive about alternative fuel vehicles, with the 18-24 age group the most likely to consider a plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuelled car, and a fully electric car. Those in the 25-34 age group were the most likely to consider a non-rechargeable hybrid.

by: Rebecca Chaplin