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'New car buyers want scrappage scheme to continue'

'New car buyers want scrappage scheme to continue'

Posted by Louise Clark

The majority of consumers would like the scrappage scheme to continue despite less than ten per cent having actually invested in a new model under the initiative, a study has shown.

Findings by online auto retailer Carmony.co.uk have shown that most people would like the scheme to carry on, with 72 per cent of consumers understanding the initiative.

However, fewer than one in ten people actually purchased a new car under the scrappage scheme, which is now coming to an end.

"It's interesting to see just how popular the scrappage scheme appears to have been with the car buying public," commented Alan Hazelhurst, managing director of Carmony.co.uk.

He added that people are still likely to invest in cars despite the demise of the initiative, with many people potentially opting for nearly new used cars.

Meanwhile, car maker Nissan has announced it will extend its trade-in offer of £2,000 against British-built Nissans for any model over seven years old.