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Top tips for young people to keep their insurance low.
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New cars 'better insurance option for youngsters'

New cars 'better insurance option for youngsters'

Newly-qualified drivers could actually save money by buying a brand new supermini instead of a used car, according to new research.

An insurance broker has shown that a one-litre city car will currently cost a 17-year-old in an average city about £3,000 a year to insure, whereas a 20-year-old equivalent could see them shelling out nearly £1,000 more, thanks to higher premiums in some parts of the country.

Best Cars for New Drivers UK

Stuart Jenkinson, of Be Wiser Insurance, said new cars were generally the most cost- effective for young, new drivers.

"New cars are likely to attract lower premiums for a number of reasons, such as better security and safety systems, which reduce the chances of theft or injury in the event of an incident. Insurers also base their prices on how cars are driven, and new cars are generally driven less aggressively than an older one," he said.

He said there were a number of measures that youngsters could take to keep car insurance costs low.

"Keep the car free from modifications and consider adding a more experienced driver to the policy, which may help reduce the premium, and volunteer to accept additional excesses."

Top cheap car insurance tips for teenagers include:

  • Look at buying a new car rather an old one
  • A smaller engine size is generally best  one-litre rather than a 1.2 or 1.4
  • Check the rating of the car's insurance group before buying it
  • Keep it stored in a garage or off the road
  • Don't adorn the car with unnecessary bodywork and modifications
  • Put a more experienced driver on the insurance
  • Accept higher excesses
  • Take a Pass Plus advanced driving course

by: Danielle Bagnall