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The new Nissan Note packs a powerful three-in-one camera that takes safety and awareness to the next level.
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New Nissan Note's three-in-one camera

New Nissan Note's three-in-one camera

Nissan Note is positioning itself as one of the most technologically savvy cars, with its powerful three-in-one camera celebrated for its innovative approach to safety and awareness on the road.

The advanced capabilities of the Nissan Safety Shield system aims to cut the number of accidents that occur with its state-of-the-art capabilities. By offering three features, drivers can feel more confident than ever before.

This includes a Blind Spot Warning scheme, which is made possible by Nissan's Around View Monitor, which uses a camera to identify cars in either blind spot of the Note.

In addition, there is the Lane Departure Warning apparatus, which is capable of detecting if the car is starting to glide outside of the lane. Nissan explains: "Advanced computer programming detects even faint road markings allowing the car to determine if it is drifting out of position without indicating."

Finally, there is the Moving Object Detection system, which, to all intents, provides a motorist with a "digital co-pilot". This assists in helping them see what might be approaching when reversing their Note.

"While conventional parking aids warn the driver of an object in their way, Moving Object Detection gives an audible and visual alert if someone or something is moving behind the car, for example if a child is walking towards your reversing Note," the car manufacturer states.

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