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Nissan has launched a new self-cleaning car, which makes use of a superhydrophobic treatment.
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Nissan launches new self-cleaning car

Nissan launches new self-cleaning car

Nissan's innovation that excites slogan accompanies all of its new innovations, but the latest idea to make its way into the Japanese manufacturer's armoury could put an end to car washing.

The company has developed a new superhydrophobic treatment that can be teamed up with the paint it uses for the bodywork on vehicles.

The technology can be applied to the body of a car to ensure that water-based substances, such as mud, dirt and even water itself simply rolls off the bodywork, leaving the vehicle looking brand new.

It works by increasing the contact angle of water droplets so that the liquid simply rolls away rather than sticking to a surface.

Nissan has been testing the technology on its new Note vehicles and has produced a handy YouTube video to showcase the superhydrophobic treatment in action.

The short clip shows a new Note being driven around a particularly wet and muddy track, having had the treatment applied to one half of the vehicle. The cameras show how the mud and water simply rolls of the treated side, while clinging to the parts of the car that have been left as standard.

Further testing is due to take place at Nissan's facility in Bedfordshire, but the possibility of a self-clean car seems within reach

Posted by Louise Clark