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Nissan's new urban sports car concept, the EXTREM, has been revealed at the 27th Sao Paulo International Motor Show.
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Nissan unveils EXTREM concept car

Nissan unveils EXTREM concept car

Less than a week after releasing teaser images hinting at a new car, Nissan has officially revealed its new urban sports car concept, the EXTREM.

The Japanese car manufacturer had teased that great things were coming to the 27th Sao Paulo International Motor Show when it released quirky pictures showing a fresh vehicle design.

However, the catch was that only parts of the car were in view for people to analyse, such as a headlight and grille design, hinting at a new GT-R type model or a front tyre not a million miles away from that of a Nissan SUV or crossover concept.

The secret is now out though, with the brand-new Nissan EXTREM making its debut, as expected, at this year's Sao Paulo International Motor Show.

Presented as a compact 2+2 SUV, the vehicle has been constructed by engineers at Nissan Design America, in San Diego, California. A collection of Brazilian designers also had a major input in the EXTREM's creation.

Robert Bauer, the senior design manager at Nissan Design America, commented: "We call it Baby Beast.

"We see it as an urban rally car, a tough little street fighter that can handle the urban jungle with agility and confidence."

There are plenty of features of the Nissan EXTREM that instantly catch the eye. For starters, the vehicle's headlamps and tail lamps each come complete with the Japanese car giant's signature graphics and LED technology.

A roof pattern that consists of a blend of gloss and matt textures also gives the vehicle's exterior a stylish edge, while six-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels are double layered with a dark inner style and brushed metal outer design to create a stunning effect.

Christian Meunier, president of Nissan Brazil, acknowledged: "EXTREM is provocative, energetic and engaging and it reflects the passion, innovation and excitement we put into all our cars."

Posted by Craig Salter