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Innovative arrowhead shaped Nissan to change the image of the electric vehicle market
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Nissan unveils new BladeGlider EV concept

Nissan unveils new BladeGlider EV concept

Nissan has already been a pioneer in the field of electric vehicle development and the latest development from the manufacturer only helps to further its commitments to reducing carbon emissions. 

A new concept, using the same sustainable engineering values as the Nissan LEAF, has been unveiled and looks set to become the future direction for Nissan's electric vehicle development. 

The BladeGlider is a hyper-agile, extremely efficient example of the potential of future automobile design. 

With an arrowhead shape, the vehicle intends to challenge orthodox designs and revolutionise the nature of the car. It also reflects the model's ability to glide and cut through the air in a soaring and silent manner. The front wheels are located extremely close to each other at the point, which helps to minimise the effects of drag and increase manoeuvrability for increased handling on corners. 

Nissan claims the vehicle's features will provide both the driver and the passenger with "sustainable exhilaration". 

Francois Bancon, divisional general manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning for Nissan, said: “The goal was to revolutionise the architecture of the vehicle to provoke new emotions, provide new value and make visible for consumers how Zero Emissions can help redefine our conception of vehicle basics.”

Furthermore, in-wheel motors will help to provide rear-wheel propulsions and independent motor management, and helps to improve space-efficiency. 

The model is completed in ultra-lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic to help reduce weight and further lower carbon emissions. 

Senior vice-president and chief creative officer of Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, said: "This design is more than revolutionary; it’s transformational, applying our most advanced electric drive-train technology and racetrack-inspired styling in the service of a new dimension of shared driving pleasure.”

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