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Performance of Volvo's XC90 boosted by range of Polestar upgrades

Performance of Volvo's XC90 boosted by range of Polestar upgrades

Volvo has announced the addition of its Polestar technology to its popular seven-seat SUV, the XC90.

The upgrades, from Volvo's performance brand, will improve the power and torque figures of both the D5 diesel and T6 petrol Drive-E engines, particularly at medium revs.

Accelerator response on the models will be quicker and the automatic gearbox will provide faster gear changes, whilst preventing gearshifts during rapid cornering.

The engineers of Polestar developed and designed the upgrades, will help from the racing drivers of Polestar Cyan Racing, Polestar's official motorsport partner.

Thed Björk, reigning Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) champion and Polestar Cyan Racing driver, commented: "The new Polestar optimisation is about making the car more dynamic and responsive to drive. We use the same philosophy as when optimising our racecars, to create a completely balanced package. And this is exactly what we have focussed on with the new-generation optimisations for Volvo cars: powertrain optimisation for real-life driving."

The D5 Drive-E engine's maximum output of will increase from 225 hp and 470 Nm of torque to 233 hp and 500 Nm, while the T6 Drive-E is boosted from 320 hp and 400 Nm to 334 hp and 440 Nm.

Polestar Performance Optimisations have also been released for the D4 diesel and T5 petrol Drive-E engines in other Volvo models.