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'Whodunit' story will unravel online.
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Peugeot launches ENVY ad competition

Peugeot launches ENVY ad competition

Peugeot will give away a brand new, special edition car as part of a 'whodunit' interactive TV advertising campaign.

According to the company, the Beware the Consequences of Envy media campaign is based around the Peugeot 207 ENVY and the jealousy it conjures up among colleagues, friends and family.

The ad comes to a head in the middle of the night, and viewers are able to vote on who they believe the culprit is via the Peugeot Facebook page.

Individuals who correctly identify the guilty party will be entered into a prize draw to win their own Peugeot 207 ENVY special edition model.

"Just like the best soap operas, we see and hear tantalising snippets without ever getting quite enough to uncover the culprit. With the help of the Peugeot Facebook page, however, the clues do eventually add up," the company stated.

The Facebook page will go live tomorrow (February 1st).

Peugeot also offers ENVY versions of its 107, 207, 308, 3008 and 5008 models, boasting advanced interior features, alloy wheels and air conditioning.