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Mark Webber and Sebastien Vettel are itching to get back out on the track.
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Red Bull racers raring to go

Red Bull racers raring to go

Sebastien Vettel and team-mate Mark Webber are gearing up to get the 2012 Formula One (F1) season off to a flying start.

Both drivers will be behind the wheel of the RenaultSport-powered Red Bull F1 car this year and both cannot wait for the first race in Australia this weekend.

Webber, who will be looking to win his home Grand Prix for the second year in a row, said the time for talking is over and vowed to show his determination through his driving.

"Obviously we’ve been talking about it for nine weeks now, about who's doing what and we're just sick of talking about it and want to get out there and get on with it."

Meanwhile, Vettel is looking to retain his F1 crown for a second year and claimed being a two-time champion has not dampened his appetite.

"I'm here to win the championship, so that's the target. Whether it's the third or not wouldn't make a difference," he added.

"Well, it would but � as I said the reason we're here is to race and to win and the season is long, so there are a lot of races to come."

Posted by Craig Salter