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Alfa's new coupe is proving popular among motoring experts.
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Reviews for new Alfa Romeo 4C begin to emerge

Reviews for new Alfa Romeo 4C begin to emerge

Alfa Romeo has returned to the sports coupe range with the arrival of the new 4C model. 

The car has been much anticipated by motorists, not least because of Alfa's almost cult following, but because early indications show that the vehicle will make a huge impact on the market and could prove how prepared the manufacturer really is to compete with other top brands. 

With the car being rolled out to a number of motoring experts and columnists, an early picture of what drivers can expect is being formulated.

It seems that the 4C is gaining positive reviews across the board, with What Car?, Auto Express, Top Gear magazine and MSN Cars all heaping praise upon the vehicle. 

What Car? has applauded the engine noise, emitting an "angry bark" as it accelerates. Road test editor Steve Huntingford has said the mid-range performance is "supercar-strong" and that changing direction is achievable with "speed and agility" with "little body roll and lots of grip". 

Over at Top Gear magazine, Jason Barlow describes the car as "hugely seductive" but criticises the powertrain as it "falls short of the chassis". 

However, the car has a number of positives, such as its meaner look, the decision to downsize the vehicle, and the top speed of 160mph all out. 

Auto Express has called the 4C an "effortlessly desirable coupe" and was thrilled by the overall driving experience felt in the car. 

The reporter also hailed the vehicle as the beginning of "Alfa's comeback", which is high praise for the powerful car. 

Finally, Sean Carson at MSN Cars has issued a five star rating for the new Alfa, calling it a "very well-executed sports car", which provides motorists with "strong value for money". 

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