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The Royal Household is now the proud owner of a one-off Renault Twizy, which comes packed with a personalised number plate and unique exterior paintjob.
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Royal Household takes delivery of special-edition Renault Twizy

Royal Household takes delivery of special-edition Renault Twizy

A one-off model of the Renault Twizy has been delivered to the Royal Household, with the vehicle coming packed with a raft of unique features.

One of the most eye-catching details of the royal family's electric commuter vehicle is the fact that its exterior is finished in a distinctive British Racing Green paintjob. This is so that the Twizy can match the rest of the Royal car collection.

The one-of-a-kind Renault Twizy also packs a lush white interior design, comes complete with alloy wheels and has the optional doors and new accessory fit windows both installed.

In order to allow the Royal Twizy to further stand out from other models in the range, the royal family has also given the vehicle a special number plate – 'TW12 ZZY'.

Colonel Toby Browne, Crown Equerry, took delivery of the one-off Twizy, when he received the keys to the car from Renault's UK managing director, Thierry Sybord, and Andy Heiron, the firm's UK head of the electric vehicle programme.

Posted by Louise Clark