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Spring has sprung! Read on for our great tips for improving your well-being this season.
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Seasonal Self-Care: Handy Hints for Your Well-Being This Spring

Seasonal Self-Care: Handy Hints for Your Well-Being This Spring

  • - Longer days mean more time for fun activities, more exercise, more daylight, eating fresh seasonal food. Which all benefit your physical health.
  • - Positive changes to your routine like spending more time outside, spending time on a spring clean are a great reset for your head space.
  • - Check out our handy hints for seasonal self-care this spring and look after yourself inside and out.

Spring has sprung! Winter, although cosy at first, does tend to drag on by the end of the season. By this time, we’re very happy to see the mornings and evenings grow lighter, the buds on the trees, flowers blooming. So, now nature’s refreshing itself, let’s do the same!

Read on for our great tips for improving your well-being this spring.

Get outdoors!

Winter is a far more sedentary season than any other. Mainly thanks to the crisp, freezing temperatures being quite enough for a few days. Enough to send us scurrying inside to a hot water bottle and a blanket pronto.

This sedentary lifestyle, although cosy, isn’t great for our bodies in the long-term. Several scientific studies do cite that time spent in nature can reduce stress and anxiety. It can also improve sleep by regulating your internal body clock. And we shouldn’t need to mention the added benefit of your body getting some much-needed vitamin D!

Aim to spend at least 20 minutes a day outside. It’s not much but it will make a difference! Spend time enjoying the warmer weather and longer days that come with spring.

Make time for moving!

Get active, no matter how. Do what is comfortable. Exercise releases endorphins. Join a club. Social activity can boost your serotonin levels. Improve the mood away from winter blues.

Time to get active! Exercise releases endorphins, which give you a ‘happy boost’ essentially. With exercise it really is a case of every little helps. You don’t have to compete in a triathlon or lift your body weight in the gym to give your body the benefit of good exercise. Everyone’s exercise routines are different. You know your body, make sure you do what is comfortable.

Exercise is also a great chance to join a club or a class and meet others doing the same as you. Which is great for a little serotonin boost, like endorphins. Whether it’s yoga, walking or even extreme frisbee, get involved and see the difference in both your mood and physical health.

Eat seasonal produce!

Eating well is a fantastic way to get your body prepped for activity and exercise. Fresh seasonal produce is readily available from a variety of places. Using farm shops gets you involved in and supporting your local community. But even your local supermarket will have a great selection.

Get creative in the kitchen with your new spring-inspired ingredients! There are plenty of amazing recipes online for tasty dishes. You could even dig out an old cookbook or create your own.

These fresh ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fuel your body and spring clean your system with great food.

Popular spring vegetables include:

  • - Asparagus
  • - Purple sprouting broccoli
  • - Sugar snap peas
  • - Radishes
  • - Carrots

Popular spring fruits include:

  • - Strawberries
  • - Rhubarb
  • - Apricots
  • - Blueberries
  • - Cherries

Practice mindfulness!

Mindfulness centres your thoughts to focus on the present moment. It quiets your mind from the hustle and bustle of multitasking and lets you really appreciate the here and now.

Some of the key benefits may include:

  • - Stress reduction
  • - Improved attention, concentration, and memory
  • - Enhanced sleep quality

Fully immerse yourself in a few sessions. You’ll find it becomes second nature to take a moment each day to really appreciate the moment you’re experiencing. What a wonderful way to celebrate your day.

Visit the NHS site for more information on mindfulness.

Declutter and spring clean!

Take a day and revamp your space. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter that’s accumulated. Much like when you clear your mind for mindfulness practice! Aside from allowing your space to be cleaner and tidier, it also helps reset your mindset.

Cleaning is also exercise! You really are ticking every box with a great spring clean.

Maybe your wardrobe needs organising. If you can put away your winter clothes, do so. It’s a great way of resetting your seasonal mindset and welcoming in the new, more pleasant weather.

You’re now armed with the perfect checklist to improve your mental and physical health this spring. Wave away those wintry cobwebs and get excited about the new start of a full spring clean. A happy, healthy, fulfilled you isn’t far away.

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