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Second instalment of Made In Chelsea stars bid to learn to drive

Second instalment of Made In Chelsea stars bid to learn to drive

Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing has been learning to drive in a uniquely liveried new generation Hyundai i10.

The 25-year-old structured-reality TV series star began his lessons earlier this month alongside a professional driving instructor who has been specifically matched to his outgoing personality.

The McVitie's heir is keen to obtain his driving licence in order to end his reliance on friends and family, who are often called on to act as his personal chauffeurs.

Jamie's mother, Penny, said: "That boy is 25 years old and still has to get to a station, get on a train, and ring his mother to come and collect him because he doesn't have a driving licence  he drives us all mad!"

Instructor Dean Ban said: "I think he's finding it hard to digest that I am the teacher  he's used to giving orders, not receiving them. I wish he'd spot the road signs as well as he was spotting the young ladies that were walking past!"

Jamie added: "The lessons are going well. I'm still alive, Dean's still alive - the car hasn't got a scratch on it!"

Hyundai's i10 is an ideal car for a city-based learner driver, thanks to its compact dimensions.

Watch the second instalment of Jamie's driving journey here -

by: Danielle Bagnall