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The 2013 Renault ZOE is the first vehicle to be designed from the ground up as a pure-electric car, with this approach creating excellent results.
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Striking a revolution with the Renault ZOE

Striking a revolution with the Renault ZOE

The 2013 Renault ZOE aims to prove that cars that boast zero emissions and are also a stunning sight to behold can go hand in hand.

A pure-electric car that has been designed from the ground up with this specification in mind, there has already been plenty of love shown from this marvellous piece of automotive excellence.

For one, the Renault ZOE was named the Best Green Car at the prestigious 2012 Paris Motor Show, after gaining at least 51 per cent of votes from a host of the biggest names in the motoring industry.

So what makes this all-electric vehicle the talk of the town? There are many answers to that question, each of which makes for good reading.

Renault ZOE aims to change the way we drive

Of course, one of the most appealing aspects of the Renault ZOE is its economically-friendly approach to car design.

Powering the vehicle from point A to point B is a nifty 60kW motor, which enables the car to boast up to 80bhp and 222Nm of torque. As is expected though, every battery will need to be charged from time to time, but this never needs to be a major headache for Renault ZOE drivers.

This is because owners can choose between three charging methods to top up their vehicle's juice. People with some time on their hand can opt for the standard charge, which can take between six and eight hours to complete depending on the available electric power.

Meanwhile, drivers who can only afford a few minutes away from the road will find the quick charge much more effective. 37 miles of range can be achieved within ten minutes using this method, while 80 per cent of the battery's capacity takes a mere half an hour.

An even more rapid charging strategy is the Renault ZOE's 'quickdrop' approach, which gives the all-electric car a three-minute battery exchange.

Keeping an electric vehicle on the road has never been this easy.

It's not only about the treats hiding below the bonnet

While the electric motor of the Renault ZOE is a major selling point of the vehicle, prospective buyers are also sure to be taken aback by just how stunning this car looks when they clasp their eyes upon it for the first time.

There is so much to love about the exterior of this unique vehicle. For starters, the forward position of the Renault ZOE gives off the allure of fluidity, with this being backed up by the teardrop shape of its rear end.

Joining these two features together is a series of sleek, fluid lines, while the compact hatchback's agile and dynamic design presents many clues of the enjoyment that drivers will have when they first step behind its steering wheel.

The future has never looked this good.

Not forgetting the Renault ZOE's state-of-the-art technology offerings

As well as pushing the envelope for electric vehicle design, the Renault ZOE will also be the first car to make use of brand-new Renault R-Link multimedia system.

There is plenty for drivers to play about with on this gadget. A histogram of energy consumption can be viewed, a display of energy flows can be monitored and pre-programming of battery charging strategies can be set whenever an owner pleases.

And this is only scraping the tip of the iceberg. The car's built-in navigation system will offer advice about the most energy-efficient itineraries and where the nearest battery-charging station is.

What's more, those with a Renault ZOE will also gain access to the plush R-Link Store when it comes available. Here, a collection of new apps can be downloaded, all of which have the aim of making life on the move as fun as possible.

In effect, a new generation of driving will soon be at a person's fingertips when the Renault ZOE launches later this autumn.

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