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The 2020 Budget: More Than £30b Investment In Roads Announced

The 2020 Budget: More Than £30b Investment In Roads Announced

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, made his first Budget announcement this afternoon, and it's good news for motorists.

The Budget is an annual statement that sets out how the Government plans to spend public money.  It usually covers key areas of infrastructure, such as NHS, emergency services, housing and transport, with today being the first Budget speech of the Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party. 

Hundreds of billions of pounds were today pledged to improve transport links, in a bid to 'get Britain moving'.  Roads and motorways featured heavily in Mr Sunak's speech, which included the promise of £27b in strategic investment in roads and motorways, covering more than 4,000 miles of roads.

As well as investment in roads and motorways, a £2.5b pothole fund was also promised over a 5 year period - that's £500m per year, and a staggering 50 million potholes are expected to be filled during this period.

Mr Sunak said: "We can't level up Britain and spread opportunity if we are spending our journeys dodging potholes and forking out for the damage they cause. It's vital we keep roads in good condition."

We couldn't agree more, Mr Sunak! 

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