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Ahead of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd, we’re celebrating the incredible work of two female designers behind the next-generation Nissan Juke.
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The Female Designers Behind the Next-Generation Nissan Juke

The Female Designers Behind the Next-Generation Nissan Juke

Ahead of International Women in Engineering Day, we’re celebrating the incredible work of two female designers behind the next-generation Nissan Juke.

This special day is a chance to showcase the skills and talent of women engineers. From design engineers to mechanical engineers, there are many women who fill these roles across a variety of industries, and it is important to not just share their work on International Women in Engineering Day, but it is also important to celebrate their contributions every day.

The Designers Behind the Next-Generation Nissan Juke

Lesley Busby, Nissan Colour Manager, and Carine Giachettiv, Nissan Colour, Material and Finish Designer, are the faces behind the bold, fresh design of the All-New Nissan Juke, both utilising their passion and creativity to #ShapeTheWorld and transform the Juke into an icon of its generation. 

With more than 30 years of collective experience, Lesley and Carine are experts within the automotive industry and draw upon the world around them for inspiration to create world-class masterpieces.

Designed for the Customer


At the heart of Lesley and Carine’s design philosophy for the next-generation Juke was the customer. They still wanted to reflect upon the design heritage of the first-generation Juke and enhance its fun personality, whilst still maintaining its ability to tackle city driving.

“Customer expectation for impeccable design has grown over the years,” said Lesley Busby. “With the development of new digital platforms, the world is really at people’s fingertips; they are more in-tune with design trends and information than ever before. It’s really exciting for us to grow with that expectation and rise to the challenge, particularly with the new Juke. We can offer customers a new level of personalisation and quality to match. That’s incredibly rewarding for us.”

Sporting a bold, yet compact design, the beauty of the New Nissan Juke is that it is aesthetically pleasing and fulfils the style needs of customers, but it can also manoeuvre swiftly along narrow city streets, making it a practical choice for many drivers.

Inspiration from the Capital’s Multi-Cultural Spirit

design process

Based in Central London, at the car design studio, Lesley and Carine have the advantage of working in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is home to grand architecture, exquisite landscapes, the latest fashion and an array of contemporary art – the perfect setting to get creative juices flowing!

Carine Giachetti explains: “Nissan Design Europe is right in the heart of London, so we have access to architecture – a juxtaposition of new and old – coupled with modern art and the latest in fashion. All of this sparked the inspiration behind redefining the new Juke’s appearance. This helped us hone colour options and determine what will remain in vogue for years to come.”

The Tekna+ grade package offers drivers a new level of personalisation. There are multiple colour combinations to choose from for the body, roof and interior upholstery, allowing the customer to become the designer and style their Juke to their own preferences.  

This not only gives the customers the power to design their car the way they want, but it also adds a premium and grown-up touch to the next-generation Juke.

The Importance of Collaboration Within the Automotive Industry

The process of automotive engineering incorporates many steps, from development and design to production and testing. It is the collaborative work, skill-sets and ideas of many people, which then come together to produce the vehicles we see on our roads every day.

Lesley Busby concludes: “The design process is constantly evolving. It encompasses insights taken from different pockets of the business, from engineering and purchasing through to product planning and quality control. Having developed the Juke’s look and feel from the original to the new model, I’m most proud of our collaborative efforts across the business.”

Carine Giachetti added, “The beauty of our jobs is that we draw inspiration from so many people and places. For the new Juke, we not only collaborated with Nissan Technical Centre Europe and our colleagues in Japan but also drew influence from the vast design and art scene in London. When we see the car out on the road, we see all of these different ideas from our internal teams and the outside world carefully crafted in one place. It’s truly a testament to the creativity and diversity of the team and makes us feel really proud to be a part of something so special.”

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