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As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Nissan is using the power of music to help JUKE drivers venture out into the new normal with the Nissan In-Car Classics playlist.
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Nissan Create In-Car Playlist For JUKE Drivers

Nissan Create In-Car Playlist For JUKE Drivers

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Nissan is using the power of music to help JUKE drivers venture out into the new normal with the Nissan In-Car Classics playlist.

Collating the music colleagues have been listening to whilst working from home, Nissan has decided to create a unique playlist for the JUKE, helping to boost your mood as you drive back out onto the roads.

Danny Bent is a Motivational Expert and Speaker and explained: "Music is so powerful when it comes to well-being. The right song can transform your day or trigger great memories. In all my fitness activities we ramp up the tunes and it is a key part of getting positive energy from myself and the people around me. A great singalong transforms the positive energy in a workout and brings people together, but it doesn't stop there, it naturally extends to singing in the car or shower.”

From uplifting pop beats to some classic rock tunes, the playlist is sure to lift your spirits!

Bose Personal Plus Audio System

The Bose Personal Plus audio system is exclusive to the JUKE and the B-SUV range, and optimises your sound experience – perfect for listening to this unique playlist on! Featuring eight speakers, which are installed around the cabin for greater optimisation, the audio system enables you to hear every beat, bass and bar flawlessly to allow you to create your own concert hall.

Kate Andrews, Senior Audio Engineer, Nissan Technical Centre Europe, explained: "Development of the bespoke Bose audio system for JUKE began in Japan at the very outset of the engineering phase for the new car. Nissan and Bose's audio engineers in Europe then picked up the baton, working together to ensure that the design, positioning and tuning of the audio reproduction is uniquely optimised for the JUKE, resulting in its class-leading audio experience.”

What’s more, the Bose Personal Plus audio system integrates two speakers within each front headrest, delivering a 360-degree listening experience to give front-seat passengers a true front row experience.

nissan bose

The bespoke playlist cleverly reflects the three interior options the JUKE offers.

Representing the Light Grey choice, which is a modern and fresh interior design, Nissan has made sure the playlist incorporates the latest hits that are topping the charts right now. The dance tunes are obvious reflections of the personality and character of the Energy Orange interior, whilst the more relaxed and chilled out beats fit perfectly with the dark Enigma option.  

"In every respect, the JUKE offers a truly energetic and premium driving experience," said Arnaud Charpentier, Vice President, Product Marketing, Nissan Europe. "As people start to get back in their cars and reconnect with the fun of driving, music is a great way to lift moods. With more and more customers demanding premium audio, the JUKE's unique Bose Personal Plus system is the perfect way to enjoy road trips and make the driving experience really come to life."

Here's a snippet of some of the tracks that feature on the playlist:


Which songs would you add?

The Nissan In-Car Classics Playlist is now available to stream and download on Spotify, here.

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