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The name behind Renault's new D-Segment saloon

The name behind Renault's new D-Segment saloon

Renault puts a great deal of thought into model names, which are selected to symbolise the brand's style and personality in all the markets.

True to this tradition, Renault's latest D-Segment saloon  has been christened with a charismatic name that conjures up notions of both protection and power.

TALISMAN is the name in question and has been chosen by the brand as an easy word to pronounce and understand across the world. This three-syllable name rolls easily and naturally off the tongue yet it asserts the model's powerful poise and the energy it radiates.

The new TALISMAN is set to deliver intense driving enjoyment, founded on a genuinely sensorial experience. The combination of its robust, racy lines and innovative technologies are designed to express both protection and safety.

Further details on the TALISMAN will be released in early July.

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert