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Top 5 affordable cars to put the fun back into driving.

Top 5 affordable cars to put the fun back into driving.

According to a new survey from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), some motorists don't enjoy getting behind the wheel as much as they once did.

Out of the drivers interviewed, when asked why driving had become less fun, 51 per cent were put-off by the increasing cost of fuel, while traffic congestion was also a bugbear for 41 per cent of respondents. 

Perhaps a change in car could help motorists to bring the fun back to driving. We take a look at five of the best affordable cars that really bring the joy.


Renault Clio

One of the classic small vehicles that consistently delivers a controlled yet nimble drive on a number of different roads. 

The practical little urban vehicle will tackle the city streets with ease, while out on the country roads, it will handle the corners like a dream. 

Volkswagen Golf

The first name on the lips of people looking for an affordable, reliable, quality car. While this all sounds rather serious, remember that this car is also great to get behind the wheel of. 

Delivering a smooth, stress-free drive with excellent handling, the car is a safe haven on the roads and will ensure your focus is on nothing but the road ahead. 

Dacia Sandero

Although it's a newcomer to the UK market, the Dacia Sandero is picking up a number of fans. 

While this is mostly down to its affordability and quality, it is also bags of fun. With a low, low price tag, you can use the money you saved on the car and drive to a place where you can splash the cash on a little bit of entertainment.  

Peugeot 208

This stylish little model is one of the big hitters in the small car market, and there are many reasons for this.

Efficient, affordable, and wonderfully nippy, the car is fantastic when putting your foot down - if not just for the sportier sounds made by the 1.6-litre 197bhp GTI. 

Ford Fiesta

The epitome of fun driving in a little car, as emphasised by its latest accolade of 'Car of the Year' as awarded by TopGear Magazine. 

With a grille that would look more at home on an expensive luxury car than a compact little model, the car is cheap to run and fantastic to drive. 

It will certainly bring back some of your love for driving - if it ever left! 


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