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Top 5 Cars for Dog Owners

Top 5 Cars for Dog Owners

Rottweillers in car boot

Looking for a new car to cater for all members of the family, including Fido? Then look no further as we give you the top 5 cars for dog owners!


Dacia Logan 

In terms of space and value for money, the Dacia Logan MCV has to be considered.  Plenty of room for your pet, and this one won’t break the bank.

Dacia MCV

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Nissan X-Trail

This spacious and comfortable SUV offers the option of a specially designed Paw Pack, which includes a ramp to give dogs easy access to the boot, a boot liner, a storage rack for leads and other doggy bits and bobs, a spill-resistant water bowl and a dog bed!

Nissan X-Trail

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Skoda Superb Estate

A super comfortable ride, and an enormous 660 litre boot make this one a top contender!

Skoda Superb

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Peugeot 308 Estate

With a wide opening, low load lip and boot level, it will make jumping in and out of the car a breeze for your four-legged friend!

Peugeot 308

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Kia Sportage 1.6 GDi 130 1

Similar in size and shape to the Nissan X-Trail, the Kia Sportage is a family vehicle with a shed load of space and an affordable price tag. What’s not to like?!

kia sportage

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