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Here's our round up of the latest top twenty automotive influencers you just have to follow. From motorcycle roadtrips to luxury supercar modifications - these influencers cover it all.
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Top Automotive Influencers You Need to Know and Follow

Top Automotive Influencers You Need to Know and Follow

What is an automotive influencer?

Automotive influencers can be dressed up as a bouncy host with bursting personality to a serious and in-depth delivery. Both have the same thing in common; imparting great car knowledge to their audience.

The following variety of car influencers have managed to find their niche. Whether it be a car review, automotive photography, travel or how to videos. They are tried, trusted and revered in the car community.


Who are our top 20 influencers to follow?

From Instagram, YouTube to TikTok, let’s check out some of our top picks.

1. Tim Burton


An original YouTuber, established in 2005 - just a year after the site was kicked off. Tim Burton, who goes by ‘Shmee’ takes his daily vlogs, new car reviews and road trips around the world. Shmee also has 20 cars of his own. An audience of two million people subscribe to his channel, making him an absolute favourite and a clear choice to follow.

2. Steph Hoy


If you’re a retro car lover, Steph Hoy will be true entertainment. She offers a hands-on, knowledgeable and entertaining channel. Steph’s content ranges from working on rusty cars to showcasing beautiful classic examples from as early as the 1950s. Her YouTube is followed by over 48,000 like-minded enthusiasts.

3. Abigayle


Do you need tips on buying cars, securing vehicle finance and organising maintenance and MOTs? Abigayle keeps her followers up to date on the rules of the road and on regular car reviews. She also hosts Q&As with automotive celebrities – we know you’ll have heard of some of them... Her audience is made up of 145,000 knowledge seekers and growing.

4. Nath Foster


If you want a brief and welcome escape, join Nath Foster on one of his many road trips in a variety of impressively kitted out cars. As well as visually stunning content, Nath gives a glimpse behind the scenes. Enjoy seeing the reality of what it takes to create and organise these amazing adventures. As a passionate photographer, he offers how-to content on creating next level content to his 402,000+ followers too.

5. Freddie Dobbs


If biking is your thing, look no further than Freddie Dobbs. He offers a one-stop shop consisting of travel, roads with stunning scenery and motorcycles and cars. Even which rest stops to visit and fascinating people he's met along the way. Enjoy Freddie’s insightful vlog content, beautiful videography and handy tips. He shares these with over 108,000 dedicated subscribers. Global travel never looked so good.

6. Amy Shore Photography


Amy Shore offers stunning photography skills of classic and modern cars and bikes. Her captures of owners, drivers and the people behind the cars are almost better than the cars themselves. She is a great personality on camera herself, offering backstage insight into exclusive events. Join Amy on her travels around the world and enjoy great automotive content.

7. Mighty Car Mods


Starting all the way back in 2007, MOOG and Marty began a YouTube channel, making low budget videos with high octane fun. They focus on car modifications and the car culture that surrounds them. Mighty Car Mods have created a relatable platform for over half a million amateur automotive DIY enthusiasts. MOOG and Marty have made modifying cars accessible to all.

8. Mike Finnegan


By contrast, is there anything Mike Finnegan isn’t qualified to do? Enjoy a raft of content, from engine and hot rod building, fabricating, boat racing, snowboarding and wakeboarding. His channel consists of videos for his 702,000+ fans set either in his garage or sharing life experiences. Mike is also quite the font of automotive advice.

9. Chris Harris


A popular host of the refreshed Top Gear. Chris Harris manages to offer great automotive insight injected with his warm personality. His YouTube videos ranging from reviews to supercar testing has grown to over 707,000 enthusiasts. This includes classic Top Gear fans to those new to the car world. Chris’ welcoming personality makes a lasting impression on all those who watch him.

10. Richard Hammond


Who better than this man to round off our list. Richard Hammond has collected decades of knowledge and shared it with the world via Top Gear for 13 years. He now imparts his wealth of knowledge and experiences via a collection of social media accounts. Richard uses his witty, cheerful demeanour to connect with his audience of over a million while dropping a little boost into their day.

11. Elliot @fossilfurious

A film producer and TV director by day. Elliot also makes time for his enthusiasm for cars that we could only dream of getting close to. Including road-legal racecars, hypercars and utterly priceless classic cars. Expect stunning photography and videography of these incredible powerhouses. It will stop you in your tracks while scrolling through your feed.

12. Max Eisner


If collections, walkarounds and shows of luxury cars are your thing, Max has just the content for you. The London-based content creator has a thing for shiny supercars, Porsche in particular. Take a step into the world of luxury vehicles along with his nearly 15,000 followers. You’ll never want to leave.

13. Baron Von Grumble


Pure bikes, bikes, bikes. Whether classic, super, racing, sports or cross-country motorcycles. There’s something for every motorcycle enthusiast out there. Baron Von Grumble documents stunning European adventures through reviews, videos and stunning photography.

14. Ledorscars


Starting as a TikTok car reviewer, Ledorscars’ popularity spiralled upwards at a rapid rate of knots now with over 62,000 followers. From popular ‘bargain buy’ segments in his video repertoire, to sneak peeks into the car collections of the wealthy. Ledorscars is a friendly and welcoming presence on your social media feed.

15. Gary Mavers


If before and after videos are your bag, check out Gary’s incredible videos on YouTube. A relatively recent addition to social media, his YouTube has exploded with follow enthusiasts. From classic car owners to curious newbies. Gary’s channel welcomes all into his world of detailed restoration and vintage vehicles.

16. Saffy Sprocket


Over 25,000 followers wake up to the entertaining personality of Saffy Sprocket. Her vlogs cover all the amazing experiences along with the pitfalls and traps of long-distance biking. Her solo motorcycle tours in Norway are awe-inspiring but also naturally funny. Saffy’s comedic approach to her adventures will have to subscribing and tuning back in vlog after vlog.

17. Daily Driven Exotics


With well over a decade of content creation, Daily Driven Exotics has aged like a fine wine. They have a reputation for carrying out car modifications no sane person would dare to do on these luxury cars. Damon Fryer and Dave Coulter host their vlogs for over three million awe-struck subscribers.

18. All The Gear


While categorised as an adventure channel, the hosts are well known automotive enthusiasts. You may remember them from Car Throttle - Jack and Ethan. Reputation precedes them - their new channel already has nearly 200,000 subscribers. Join them on incredible far-flung adventures in a variety of vehicles with incredible scenery along the way.

19. Top Dead Center


Edwin and Will team up to share the most laugh-out-loud outrageous content. Involving buying cars on a budget, fixing them up and getting them back on the road. With transparent budgets and DIY attitude, this is a channel most car enthusiasts can relate to. Once presenters for Car Throttle too, there are crossovers with @allthe_gear. The results are some hilarious road trips and track experiences.

20. Mark Riccioni


For simply stunning photography that’s so good it often must be marked as created by AI, look no further than Mark. His photography work showcases incredible cars at events and locations around the world. His content just makes you want to jump online and book a flight. Or buy the car. Follow at your own peril.


Who will you follow?

We hope you enjoyed our round up of a selection of genuinely great influencers. There are an incredible number of them out there. All with different specialisms and delivery styles.

Why not let us know who your favourites are?


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