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Top holiday destinations for the winter include the historic cities of York, Bath, and Lode.
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Vauxhall Research Reveals Best Winter Breaks for Electric Drivers

Vauxhall Research Reveals Best Winter Breaks for Electric Drivers

Top holiday destinations for the winter include the historic cities of York, Bath, and Lode.

British manufacturer Vauxhall has recommended the best winter breaks for electric car drivers in the United Kingdom. The results of the research discovered that the best winter break is in York, North Yorkshire. This is due to great public charging options, good accessibility, and EV-friendly accommodation.

With the help of Conde Nast Traveller research on the top 14 best winter holidays in Britain, Vauxhall analysed how many of these locations can be reached from the 15 most popular cities. The requirement included being able to drive from these cities with a Vauxhall Mokka Electric which has a 209-mile WLTP range.

The manufacturer also considered the availability of public chargers within a 10-mile radius in each of these cities, as well as the speed of rapid chargers. Also, accommodation options offering charging for electric vehicles were also considered when choosing the best destinations.

Vauxhall research found that the best overall winter holiday break for an electric car is in York. The historic city is easily accessible from 11 of the most popular cities in the UK. It also offers 47 public charging stations, 11 of which are rapid charging points. The accommodation suitable for an electric car driver was also easiest to find from York, which offers 21 choices.

Following York as the best destination for electric vehicles was Lode, Cambridgeshire and Bath, Somerset. Other great EV-friendly locations include Woodstock in The Cotswolds, Newquay in Cornwall, and Beaulieu in New Forest.

Lode in Cambridgeshire has a famous Winter Garden filled with plants which blossom in the colder months. The village is practically located within 209 miles of the 12 most popular cities in Britain. Charging is easy with the 36 public charging stations, of which two offer rapid charging.

Bath is also a popular destination throughout the year thanks to its inspiring Roman ruins and bath houses. This destination is within 209 miles from 10 of Britain’s most popular cities and offers 16 accommodation choices with electric car charging. The city has 28 charging stations within a 10-mile radius of the city centre.

The electric future of Vauxhall

The British manufacturer aims to be fully electric by 2028.

James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall UK, said:

“Vauxhall is on a mission to simplify electric car ownership. Models like the Mokka Electric have been built to provide enough range to cover the daily needs of drivers, as well as longer trips.”

“To better help drivers plan their journey, Vauxhall has also created a Range Calculator that shows the impact on vehicle range from changes in temperature or driving speeds.”

The Vauxhall Mokka Electric has a 50kWh battery and offers up to 209 miles of fully electric range (WLTP). The Range Calculator by Vauxhall helps drivers to estimate how far they can travel on a single charge.

Get your own Vauxhall Mokka Electric now and begin planning your winter holiday.

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