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Red Bull ace Sebastian Vettel is looking forward to his home Grand Prix.
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Vettel looking forward to home Grand Prix

Vettel looking forward to home Grand Prix

Reigning Formula One (F1) champion Sebastian Vettel has claimed that while he is looking forward to the German Grand Prix, he will not put extra pressure on himself to perform.

The star is having a tougher time of it this year than in the previous two campaigns - which he has won - but is looking forward to the challenge at Hockenheim.

In an interview with the F1 website, the star said that the German Grand Prix "is always a special race", but added: "You don't get more points there so I will enjoy the weekend and do my best. That goes without saying."

In what appeared to be a relaxed and wide ranging chat, Vettel spoke about the downside to life as a driver and who his friends on the circuit are.

Vettel is often seen chatting to Kimi Raikkonen during the driver's parade and the champion said the Lotus ace, which is also powered by RenaultSport's RS27 engine, is great to have around.

"He is straightforward and honest and he tells you if he has a bad day. Period. He is real. He's not political. He's never up to something," he said.

"If he doesn't want to tell you something he will say so and not hum and haw. He doesn't beat around the bush, never coming to the point.

While Vettel is all too aware that he is living the dream, he described the amount of travel involved in the F1 season as something of a drawback.

He told the news provider that he looks upon the travel aspect as the "antithesis of being a holiday traveller", saying while holidaymakers look forward to getting on the plane, sleeping in a hotel and having a breakfast buffet in the morning, drivers are happier sleeping in their own bed once in a while.

Asked what he would spend a month to himself, the German star remarked: "Definitely not jumping on a plane! I would spend some time with friends and family and for the rest of it I would take a tour either on foot or on a bike. Set a destination and then to go off cross-country."

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