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Volvo crash footage proves the SUV is one of the safest around.
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Volvo XC90 will be one of the safest 4x4s ever

Volvo XC90 will be one of the safest 4x4s ever

Volvo has released footage of their latest model's crash test, revealing just how safe the SUV is.

The results demonstrate that any buyer planning on transporting their family around town in the new XC90 would be putting them in safe hands.

The Swedish company's new 4x4 is on course to set some safety records when it goes under the full battery of European crash tests soon.

Despite the ferocity of the head-on 40mph crash test  and the XC90's sheer size and weight  the car shrugs off the impact, absorbing the immense forces involved without fuss.

In the rollover test, where the car is flung off a tilted platform at speed, bar a destroyed rear wheel the car emerges pretty much unscathed.

Not only is the new car lighter than the old car, but based on these tests it looks to be stronger too. For a car expected to cart around families with space for seven adults, this performance should put many buyers at ease.

The car also features two world-firsts  intersection autobraking, which stops the car if it senses that the driver is going to pull out in front of a fast-approaching vehicle at a junction, and run-off road protection, which secures the seatbelts if the car leaves the road, keeping occupants squarely in their seats.

Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President, Research and Development of Volvo Car Group said: "Our starting point on safety is the same today as it was when the company was created almost 90 years ago: real-life situations. We study data. We crunch numbers. We innovate. The result is one of the safest cars ever made."

by: Danielle Bagnall