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What are the best roads to drive in the UK?
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What are the best roads in the UK

What are the best roads in the UK

While the practicality of owning a car can never be underestimated - the school run and the weekly big shop would be nigh-on impossible otherwise - every now and then car should be driven just to be enjoyed.

One of the best drives in the world is the Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
Taking this route with the roof down and the wind in your hair (this phrase has become clich´┐Ż for a reason) you will be treated to stunning views of the oceans and glimpse of mountains as you make your way down the Californian coast.

But what are the best roads for driving in the UK? You'll need to get out of the city centre for sure, just to avoid congestion charges, sleeping policemen and a vast range of other traffic calming measures.

But once you get out of the urban jungles where do you go?

If you live near enough to Wales - and can stand the £6 toll charge - the road commonly known as the EVO Triangle is a safe bet.

Given the name as EVO Magazine is said to regularly carry out test drives there, the route, which comprises the A543 and A5, provides 20 miles of road that put both cars and drivers to the test.

According to Driving For Pleasure, the stretch is one of the most talked about routes in the UK.

"The route starts on the A543 heading north and enjoys tight and sweeping bends and wonderful scenery," the website explains.

"Turning right onto the B4501 takes you on to some nice long sweeping bends with views of the Llyn Brenig Lake. The road then leads back to the A5 - going through the village of Cerrigydrudion - and back to where you started."

Another road popular with motoring enthusiasts in the A507 to Buntingford.
It offers everything a driver needs including smooth tarmac, wide open spaces and essentially, some great corners.

One contributor to the Pistonheads website explained: "The A507 from Baldock to Buntingford [is] not a particularly long road but some good corners, great smooth surface and almost always clear during early hours.

"Scenery is nice during summer where the fields surrounding grow this incredibly bright yellow crop."
However, those looking for something of a challenge could be tempted to head toward the Hardknott and Wrynose Passes.

Satisfying and frustrating in equal measure, the Lake District drive offers steep hills and ensures that concentration levels must remain high.

UK Car Rental said of the road: "Easily the most outrageous road in the Lake District, the single track road across Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass is just plain silly.

"The road is very narrow, roughly surfaced, extremely steep, world championship twisty and, all too often, busy with traffic. Great fun and hugely frustrating at the same time."

There is also something to be said for picking the best time to go for a drive.
For instance driving anywhere in London during the day can be a nightmare, but head to certain parts of the city in the dead of night and you can find some beauty spots in the centre of the capital.

With that in mind why not rest up during the day and go for a midnight drive through the city and up to Alexandra Palace. You can see many of the city's sights en-route without contending with car park-like traffic - and once you get their the view of the city at night is breathtaking!

Posted by Craig Salter