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So much talk about electric vehicles but what about their double fuelled cousins, the hybrid? Read on to find out why a hybrid might be right for you!
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What You Should Know About Hybrids

What You Should Know About Hybrids

What is a hybrid?

So, you have heard all about electric vehicles or EVs (if you haven’t click here!) but what is a hybrid? A hybrid is the best of both worlds – it runs off a conventional combustion engine and an electric battery!

If you are driving in the city, doing lower speeds, the electric battery will be more than sufficient to get you around. Heading to the motorway and hitting national speed limits will see the fuel take over to maximise your mileage. Pretty cool ey?


The two main types of hybrids are;

Standard hybrid

This type charges the battery using the engine. There are also hybrids that use regenerative braking to recharge the battery.

Plug-in hybrids or PHEVs 

These cars must be plugged into a power source in order to charge the battery. While this might add another step to powering your vehicle, it also means a reduction in the amount of fuel you use.


Why would you want a hybrid?

Cheaper by the month

While the initial payment may put a dent in your budget, the monthly savings are worth it! Some hybrids are subsidised and, of course, you save on things like fuel, road tax, congestion charges and toll roads!


Kinder to the environment

Whether it is your main motivation behind going hybrid or not, it is a very welcome reason to switch! Less emissions means less pollution which means more clean air for everyone!


Silent but not deadly

Hybrids don’t sound like cars everyone is used to, especially in full electric mode. They are silent which makes for a rather serene driving experience!


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