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All the latest changes you need to know about relating to your insurance through the Motability Scheme.
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What's New with Motability Insurance? Your Latest Update

What's New with Motability Insurance? Your Latest Update

  • Motability has made some changes to its insurance provider, moving from RSA Motability (RSAM) to Direct Line Motability (DLM).
  • This came into effect from 1st September 2023. All Motability customers should have received a new DLM Insurance Cover booklet by post or email.
  • You don’t need to do anything as all your information should have been transferred over. The only difference will be where you report a claim. This depends on whether the incident happened before or after 1st September.
  • Other changes include a simplified insurance check, a new open insurance policy waiver, a new insurance portal, and more.


Recently there have been some improvements to insurance for Motability customers. These have been made to help streamline the process and make things easier when you need to make any changes.

In this article, we take you through the latest changes and what these mean for you.


A change in insurance providers

On 1st September 2023, Motability moved to Direct Line Motability (DLM) as a new insurance provider. Replacing the previous provider RSA Motability (RSAM).

Don’t worry – the move does not impact you directly or cause any changes to your cover under the Scheme. If you need to get in touch about insurance, the number is still the same (0300 037 3737).

The move is part of an aim to continue offering worry-free motoring to all customers on the Scheme and introduce some new digital benefits.

If you haven’t done so already, you can create an online account so you can access all information.

So, what does this mean for you? Generally, nothing major, except:

  • You will receive a new Insurance Cover Note if you haven’t done so already. You’ll be able to access all DLM documents in the insurance portal through your Motability Scheme account.
  • If you got a new vehicle before 1st September, you’ll receive a new DLM Insurance Cover Booklet and Cover Note.
  • If your lease was extended, this will have been transferred over to DLM.
  • You can request a claims history letter via the new DLM Insurance portal through your Motability account.
  • All open insurance policies will have been automatically moved over to DLM.
  • If you are abroad in your vehicle and need a copy of your Insurance Cover Note for travel purposes, you’ll need to contact DLM.

When it comes to making an insurance claim, there are also a few small changes in how this will be done. This depends on whether the incident happened before or after the 1st September 2023.

If you’re reporting an incident that happened before 1st September, you’ll need to do this through RSAM as this was the insurance provider at the time.

If the incident happened after 1st September, then you’ll need to report this to DLM. When you call to make a claim, you’ll be directed to the correct provider depending on the time of the incident.

For claims after 1st September:

  • Your excess or premium amounts will remain the same with DLM
  • All glass claims will still be managed by Autoglass with the same excess amounts

You can read more about DLM as your new insurance provider via the Motability website.


New Motability Scheme insurance provider

Renewal process updates

From 1st August, Motability removed the insurance check at the point of application to speed up the process.

This means that the 24 – 48-hour wait for these checks has been removed. Instead, the insurance provider will run this five months before the end of the contract.

When viewing an application, you’ll now only see information about either an Award check or a Driver check.


Changes to the open insurance policy waiver

Customers in full-time care, or who need multiple carers to operate their vehicle can apply for an open insurance policy.

Previously, customers were required to provide a letter from their carer to confirm their eligibility. From 1st September however, this requirement was removed.

This means that you as the customer will be responsible for confirming you are eligible for open insurance. You’ll need to read an open policy waiver and confirm your agreement to do so.


Adding drivers to an application

Previously, customers were able to add two drivers during their application and a third after the vehicle handover.

As of 1st September, you can now add three drivers to your application in your online account or at the dealership via Online Applications (OLA). You can also change this later using the insurance portal.

If you want to add a driver with a foreign licence (EU/ EEA), you can now do this via OLA. You’ll now receive instant confirmation instead of having to wait for approval.


New DLM insurance portal

Using your online account, you can access the new DLM insurance portal. This brings you features such as:

  • A policy summary section where you can download documents and request a claims history letter
  • A policy details section including dynamic excesses
  • A drivers section where you can add or remove drivers and reactivate inactive drivers


That’s all for now! We hope you’ve found this article useful and feel up-to-date on all your insurance matters. Need help using the new portal, or have any further questions?

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