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Renault is poised to take on Fiat and MINI with the return of the iconic Renault 5.
Bristol Street Motors

With Renault bringing back the iconic 5, what other 80s cars would you like to see return?

With Renault bringing back the iconic 5, what other 80s cars would you like to see return?

News broke earlier this week that the Renault 5 is poised to make a comeback.

The 1972 original model was a real UK favourite through the 1980s-90s both with new drivers and hardcore driving enthusiasts alike and with scope for a standard and tuned model it is easy to see why the French firm is contemplating its return.

Once the updated 5 is on the road it will go head to head with other cars brought back from history including the Volkswagen Golf, MINI Cooper and Fiat 500, which are all currently enjoying a new lease of life.

The Renault 5 was something of a game-changer upon its release. The small and lightweight car was nimble, making it perfect to drive around the city.
As such, the model became a permanent fixture on French roads and before long could be seen all across the UK too.

However, it was the release of the Renault 5 GT Turbo that really saw the 5 take off. It was welcomed by race enthusiasts and became the must-have car for the 1990s boy racer - a trend referenced in the hugely-popular Ali G movie.

Here at the Bristol Street Motors office, we are intrigued and excited by the prospect of a new Renault 5 and the news got us thinking.
If Renault is jumping on the bandwagon of updating old favourites, which other models from the 80s and 90s would we like to see return?

Without doubt, the first models to spring to mind were the Ford Escort and Sierra.
While with the Focus and Mondeo it can be argued that both cars are alive and well, the current line-up struggles to match the iconic status of the Escort XR3i and Sierra Cosworth models.
The XR3 was introduced by Ford to rival the Volkswagen Gold GTI, which had become a favourite with both speed freaks and family drivers.

However, it was once fuel injection was added in 1983, creating the XR3i, that the car really caught the imagination of the public.

The thrill of getting behind the wheel of the XR3i was rarely matched at the time and the oversized bodykits that adorned many versions could provide today's designers with plenty of food for thought.

Sticking with Ford, the Sierra Cosworth, namely the RS500 version, was perhaps the most desirable car of its time - (Not always a good thing as they were often targeted by thieves).
However, with security products now more advanced, we are certain that a new line of Sierra Cosworths would fly out of showrooms across the country.

While these cars were often popular with those looking for the thrill of the track while in the commute to work, other cars from the era could just as easily make a comeback.

It may be difficult to sell the benefits of owning one of Austin's popular trio of Metro, Maestro and Allegro, but the cars were everywhere in the 80s and 90s, meaning the manufacturer must have been doing something right.

Under the umbrella of the now-defunct Rover marquee in its pomp, any of these three cars would catch the imagination of today's driver if given a noughties makeover.

And finally � the Robin Reliant.

Hold on, we know the three-wheeler was often the butt of jokes, namely in TV favourites Only Fools and Horses and Mr Bean, but if you think back to the essence of its creation, the Robin really could have a place in today's market.

The weight and small engine in the vehicle meant the Robin could be driven by holders of  a B1 category driving licence in the UK and offer owners numerous other savings.
This could make a return an exciting prospect for anyone able to obtain the necessary rights as a low cost, efficient model with iconic status could be the just what a significant number of new drivers are looking for.

While the Robin Reliant had an ill-fated return between 2001 and 2002 in the right hands it could be a success again.

What do you think? Which car from the 1980s or 1990s would like to see modernised for today's market?

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